HTML Embedding Media

HTML embedding media is used to embed any media on webpage like if you want to use video on webpage or if you want to play song on webpage then you need to use tag to embedding media. In this tutorial we will play the video on webpage.

<embed src="media/myvideo.mp4" height="400" width="600">
<noembed>Media element is not supported by your browser.</noembed>


In order to include any video or audio on webpage you need to use tag. In tag src attribute specifies the source or path of the video or audio file. In the example we have media folder and inside media folder we have myvideo.mp4 video file saved and height and width attribute describes the height and width of the video.

<noembed> Tag:

This tag is used to tell the user whether its browser supports the <embed> tag or not. This will run only when the <embed> tag not works. If your browser supports the<embed> tag then browser will not show the content written within <noembed> tag.

In the above example if your browser support the <embed> tag then it will display the video of 400*600 width height. If your browser not supports the <embed> tag then it will display the message "Media element is not supported by your browser."

Note: In <embed> tag src you can put all types of files like .mp3,.mp4,.3gp and so on.