HTML Headings

HTML uses six levels of heading tags. Headings are defined with the <h1> to </h6> tags.

The higher the heading level number, the greater its importance. So <h1> is the most important heading,

Whereas the <h6> is the least important heading.

Importance of Headings:

1] Headings in HTML helps the search engine to index the structure and content of your web pages.

2] Html headings are mainly used to highlight the importance of topics and structure of the web pages.

3] Use <h1> headings as main heading, followed by <h2>,<h3> and so on.

4] <h1> heading tag is most important tag for SEO.

5] HTML headings can also be used with nested elements.

For better SEO purpose document should not contain more than one <h1>...</h1>

<!DOCTYPE html>  
    <title>HTML Headings</title>  
     <h1>Most important and main heading of the webpage </h1>  
     <p>h1 is the most important heading, which is used to display the keyword of page </p>  
     <h2>This is first sub-heading of page</h2>  
     <p>h2 describes the first sub heading of page. </p>  
     <h3>This is Second sub-heading</h3>  
     <p>h3 describes the second sub heading of page.</p>  
     <p>We can use h1 to h6 tag to use the different sub-heading with their paragraphs if